RAH SCS Implementation Evaluation

This study builds knowledge on who is most likely to access the Royal Alexandra Hospital Supervised Consumption Service (SCS), and gathers the perspectives of staff and patients on the program.


In April 2018, the Royal Alexandra Hospital (RAH) became the first hospital in North America to offer a supervised consumption service (SCS) for inpatients. However, there is no pre-existing research on in-hospital SCS to guide implementation in this unique setting.

To address this gap, we are studying the implementation of the RAH SCS. Specifically, we are:

(1) Collecting and analyzing program data to document differences between eligible RAH patients who visit the SCS and those who do not; and

(2) Conducting one-on-one interviews with ARCH patients and hospital staff regarding their experiences with the in-hospital SCS

Our findings will be used to develop guidelines for implementing and improving in-hospital SCS.


Study Lead: Elaine Hyshka, Ginetta Salvalaggio

Funding Support: Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)

Status: Ongoing