ICHWP has adopted the following Guiding Principles:

  • The team will take its direction from the needs of the community that it serves.

  • All activities will be driven by the philosophies of reducing harm, respect and empowering people to make healthy choices.

  • The team and its activities will be culturally safe and will focus on relationship building and trust.

  • A broad definition of health (including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) will be used to define outcomes.

  • Research and educational initiatives will be action-oriented and widely accessible.

This is reflected by the makeup of our Community Advisory Group, which consists of inner city community members, more than half of whom identify as Indigenous. They helped to inform the unique makeup of the ARCH clinical team, and continue to inform the clinical innovations and research we pursue.

The Street Ways booklet was created in partnership with Boyle Street Community Services and several other community agencies to share information on agencies, programs, and services for homeless individuals in Edmonton.